Saturday, March 31, 2012

Ring, ring, can anybody save me money?

Today my Lord, there are way too many choices to make when deciding which phone is best for you.  With hundreds of choices, which phone is the best for the money? 

Smart phones have been the newest craze since blackberries. The world thought” this is it, we’ve hit the future”.  Little did they know Apple was just peaking around ready to corner the market.

With so many choices, where do you begin? Well let’s first decide what options you want in a phone. For example there are a lot of just main stream smart phones out there. You have your choice between different platforms such as android, Microsoft Mobile Windows or Mac OS X (iPhone) and Blackberry OS.  Androids currently hold the platform market; however they are just recently over trumping the Apple iPhone.

You’re probably wondering if I myself ever used such a phone.  Who on earth has time to play with an iPhone when the hunk across the street is eating his own apple?  All joking aside though, Apple iPhones were a great phone to introduce the capability of an easy to use app phone. Consumers rushed out to get iPhones because of App’s like Angry Birds and Words Free, and social networking like Facebook accessibility. But now all platforms carry those apps.   Phone manufactures’ don’t always offer the same apps, but the extremely popular one’s like that they do in order to get the consumers to buy their phone.

With so many choices how in the world would you be able to make a decision?  For most products the higher the price the better it is; well in this instance that is not always the case.  There are so many phones and so many different phone makers that now host platforms, that just because a phone manufacturer company comes out with a new phone, that doesn’t mean it’s any better than one made last month or last season.  The phone manufacturer company may offer slightly different options, but it’s mainly just a new design. And as more phone manufactures are now making smart phones, consumers may rush to pay the high end price for that particular phone manufactures name.

If you do not care on how much you spend on your phone, then make a list of all the options you want the phone and pick the one you like the most. If you’re on a budget like most consumers, you want a phone that is pretty similar to the high end phones, without the high end price right?  The best thing to do is compare the prices.  Ask your phone carrier if there are any extra data fees for certain phones. For example most carriers charge more for the iPhone. Why is it? Originally, it was because iPhone users would spend so much time on the internet, the phone carriers felt that they needed unlimited data plans. And therefore charging an arm and a leg for them because they knew the consumer would pay for it in order to own an iPhone.  Now a lot of that is still true, but this is of course is true with any phone not just an iPhone. But since people are still willing to pay for the “gotta have” phone, then the some carriers still choose to charge the ridiculous “unlimited data plan” price.

I won’t bash those who ridiculously pay those fees, but I for one like to save my pennies for polka-dot knickers.  With so many smart phone options, I picked the one that had the biggest bang for my buck.  A phone that not only is has all the same apps as an iPhone but cost a lot less too.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to find the right phone for you.  Do as much research on the internet as possible. Compare the ones that interest you with your phone carrier. Most companies will offer competitive prices with a two year contract.  But if you have trouble with commitments, then websites like eBay sell a huge variety of phones new and used for much cheaper.   Sellers are not always forth coming though about the condition of the phone. They may claim it is new when it is not or they may say it’s used but in working condition when it is really broken.  Just beware buyers, sometimes pinching pennies leads to soggy biscuits!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Finding Your Niche Market

Have you ever found a product and said “Yes this is it”?  You finally found it, THE product.   This is the product that you've found that finally makes you money. This is called the niche market. A niche market focuses on a specific product. It features a specific product that targets to sustaining a specific market’s needs.   It is impacted by price range, production quality and demographics, and it usually applies to a small market division. An example would be a party supply store, while everybody throws parties, there are not usually a lot of those type stores around and they don’t supply products that consumers have to have all the time.

What are the Benefits from Niche Marketing?

By now you’re asking, well how can I benefit from niche marketing?  You are in for a treat my friend, finding your niche market, will be the key to help your business be successful.  If you’re a retailer who buys items and then resells them, then you need to find a niche market.  You need to find that one market that brings in the money at a low cost to you but has high profit turn around.
Finding a niche is a lot easier than you think.  First, you need to find something that you like. It is so much easier to sell something that you’re enthusiastic and passionate about, but with that said you have to appeal to the market. What can you supply that is new or captivating?  It doesn't have to be a new product, but it definitely has to be a captivating item.

Examples of Niche Markets

The concept of niche marketing can be confusing.  Niches can be very pin-pointed, but very broad.   I know, get the good part right?

Seasonal/Holiday Products:  Did you know that Halloween is one of the perfect niche markets. I know right who would have thought. Costumes are huge re-sellers  People look for costumes all year long. Consumers look for costumes for plays, musicals, birthday parties, fetish role play, and a whole handful of special events. But they aren't always easy to find. You can’t just walk into any store and find one. They are usually only available during the Halloween season. So when it’s not Halloween, customers start looking online.
Places to find costumes for resale: Garage Sales, Thrift Stores, and of course retail stores that supply costumes at clearance after Halloween.

Entertainment Memorabilia: We all know memorabilia can be sold, but there are so many different types of memorabilia that I hate to only introduce one, but I’ll do it anyway. Movie memorabilia is the most popular.  We all remember the Star Wars craze, how could anyone forget. But it’s still the most popular movie memorabilia out there, especially the vintage items. Other popular memorabilia movies include Back to the Future, E.T., Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Indiana Jones, The Twilight Saga movie series, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Wizard Of Oz, Forrest Gump, Ghost Busters, Spider Man, and more.

Vintage television series memorabilia are really, really big sellers too. But there are really so many other types of memorabilia that sell very well too.  Look for items that are rare and hard to find.

Places to find memorabilia: Garage Sales, Thrift Stores, Second Hand Stores, Estate Sales, Flea Markets and of course buying clearance items at local stores.                                                                                                         

Once you find a niche market you want to sell to, starts looking for items to sell everywhere you go.   These are just a couple of ideas for finding your niche market.  There are endless ideas, and here a couple more.

Vintage Items, (that includes character tees, toys, TV’s, radio/stereo equipment, and more)

  • Golf Balls
  • Art Cigar Boxes
  • Movie Props
  • Hand Made Dolls/Clothes
  • Hand Made Quilt

Taking on a new niche can be a low-risk way to grow your business. When you find yours, you’ll be screaming “Yes, this is it”!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Venapro: the MAGIC Hemorrhoid Treatment

No one enjoys hemorrhoids; they are painful and just plain embarrassing.  No let me correct that they are extremely painful!  They make restroom time a living hell, and that annoying itch is enough to make anyone go insane.  If you suffer from hemorrhoids then you want to reduce the pain and size of them as quickly as possible right? Well, now you can! Venapro is the new all natural medication that can quickly manage your symptoms associated with hemorrhoids and eventually makes them disappear.

What exactly is Venapro, and how does it work?

Venapro is an all-natural homeopathic medication.   It is designed to relieve the symptoms of itching, pain and swelling of hemorrhoids.  Venapro contains all-natural ingredients such as Horse Chestnut, Arnica, Fluoride of Lime, St. Mary’s Thistle, Stone Root, Witch Hazel, Muriatic Acid, and Krameria Mapato.

Venapro is FDA approved and has been proven to help boost your body’s immune system.  It works fast and provides long term relief.  Venapro is safe to use and much more effective then over the counter products that only help temporarily.  It was specifically formulated to relieve and soothe hemorrhoids. Its botanical and root extracts aim to naturally alleviate the symptoms of hemorrhoids or piles by reducing the swelling of the blood vessels in and around the rectum.  Venapro works to decrease soreness that triggers pain, which in turn makes bowel movements more comfortable and easier by lubricating the rectum and inflamed tissue.                                                                                     

 How do you administer Venapro?

Venapro is a sublingual spray (under the tongue).  The medication is sprayed twice under the tongue, 3 times. It does contain 26% alcohol, and purified water.  If you are unable to tolerate the taste of the alcohol, you can mix it with more water. But it is most effective using it as directed.

How long does it take to see results?

Venapro users have reported that they saw the best results by following the Venapro directions for several weeks or months.  As magical as this medication is, because its ingredients are all natural it does usually take that amount of time to effectively eliminate the symptoms.

In conjunction with Venapro there are a few changes in your daily routine that can help to decrease the healing time.

The first thing is making healthier food choices. Let’s face it fast food is easy and convenient, but as a result it affects our digestive system.  The wrong food choices can cause constipation and diarrhea which only further irritates the hemorrhoid.  Foods high in fiber are recommended to help strengthen the rectal valves and veins in and around the anal area.  Fiber also helps soften stool and helps prevent constipation. Foods that are low in fiber and high in carbohydrates harden the stool which usually leads to constipation.  When constipation occurs it results in sitting on the toilet too long, this creates excessive pressure in the rectum and causes hemorrhoids.  Since you probably already have a hemorrhoid that means it can increase in size and cause more pain, bleeding and itching as well.

Fast Food can also cause diarrhea.  Diarrhea can also cause hemorrhoids or cause more irritation to an existing one. Diarrhea can also damage the rectal veins.  In addition, to fatty foods excessive alcohol, and caffeine and certain medications that contain both ingredients can create diarrhea.

Exercise and drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day have proven to help with hemorrhoids and naturally support a better digestive system.  Excessive sitting only increases the chances of hemorrhoids to develop.

Venapro is inexpensive and is purchased by millions of people throughout the world. They guarantee relief from hemorrhoids. That is simply a claim that many over the counter medications cannot make.    It is backed with a 100% guarantee.  So now, you have nothing to lose but everything to gain.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Companies now depend on Facebook Likes to Boost Revenue

Well, there are always the ma and pop stores and restaurants that still operate their conventional business from just word of mouth. While it works for them, that sort of mediocre business is not going to cut it for our new entrepreneurs’ today.

Businesses now depend on social media marketing to successfully run their company.  There is a lot of competition out there, especially when it comes to the internet.  In order to stay ahead of the game you’ve got to stay ahead in the social media. With more than 500 million followers, Facebook is quickly becoming the place to increase your exposure on the Web.

Today’s Social Marketing requires large numbers of high quality followers. Facebook Fans are the best way to increase traffic and awareness of your website, products and or services.  You can steadily increase your branding power by frequently adding invites. Gaining a large Facebook audience now will give you a head start on other companies.

So how do you attract Facebook followers to your page? Glad you asked, there are websites that handle all your social media needs. By using their services you’ll be able to improve your Social Media Marketing, Grow your Business Popularity and Dominate Your Market.

These companies span your business popularity by delivering thousands of views, fans and followers right to your doorstep. They add Facebook fans to your Facebook account gradually over a number of days and weeks instead of all at once. No one even has to know you’re helping drive traffic to your business through a Facebook marketing efforts. Your fan count will appear as normal as possible.

It could take weeks even months to complete a large Facebook crowd. With the help of these services your business can quickly grow, because let’s face time is money.  Having a large Facebook audience is becoming more and more widely considered one of the best ways to increase revenue. So what are you waiting for?  Get more Facebook fans, and increase your revenue and profit!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Does Craigslist Make Money?

Does Craigslist make money? Is the pope catholic? People usually think Craigslist is a classified site that is FREE. Originally the site was free and mainly for classifieds and forums.  That is still their main purpose, but since 1999 they have incorporated for profit.  In 1995, founder Craig Newmark began an email distribution list to his friends.   Most postings were submitted by Newmark and were notices of social events of interest to software and Internet developers living and working in the San Francisco Bay Area.  But soon it blossomed, people started spreading the word.  It is one of the easiest websites to use and one of the most top ranking websites used by over 50 million people in the United States alone.  Craigslist revenues are approximately $287,000 weekly, which equals about $15 million dollars annually.

How does Craigslist make support its operations? 

One of the ways Craigslist makes money is through posting fees for jobs in 18 areas.  The revenue for the company comes from people who post jobs at the website. The rates range according to the places but on average the listings can range from $25 to $75.
Another way they make money is from apartment brokers.  In certain cities there is a $10-75 fee (depending on which city) to advertise for apartment listings.  Direct owner listings still remain free.  Even though there is a fee for the broker to list on Craigslist the broker can extract huge fees from the actual tenant by charging them to find a suitable apartment.

This last explanation on how Craigslist makes their money is the “Oh My” reaction.  They also make money from listing “Therapeutic Services”.   In 2008, Craigslist discontinued a couple of features for erotic services listings after it received a lot of press and legal threats.  They now classify a lot of these services under massage therapists, acupuncturists and chiropractor advertisements and charge $10 per ad.

Of course they do but Craigslist is an excellent site for those services, as most of the ads posted on Craigslist are free of cost.  Community, For Sale, Housing, Personals, Discussion Forums, Jobs, Services, Gigs, and Resumes are categories on Craigslist that offer many free listings.   They are much cheaper than listing in the newspapers, magazines, websites, and other printed advertising papers. With fees ranging as low as $10, to $75 per ad, it’s a steal.  And Even though they do profit from some of their listings, they offer free classifieds to more than 80 million new classified listing posts each month.  Because they are free, people prefer posting their ads in Craigslist rather companies who charge people for the ads.  It’s cheap and most of the time FREE, a word millions of people LOVE to hear!
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